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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wah Wah Pedal Pusher

Last week's post created a few questions.  One question is "It might be a good idea to include a link ....for those unaware of what" is the wah wah pedal.  The second question was mine, "Why is Del Casher asking for recognition now?"

I searched online and found a documentary on the wah wah pedal called "Cry Baby The Pedal That Rocked The World."    The video was released this year.  You can watch the whole documentary here at their website:    Don't worry about the babydoc part.  This website is about the Wah Wah pedal (Cry Baby is a brand name wah wah pedal) and not a dictator.

You can learn all about the history of the wah wah pedal in this documentary.   However, in the NY Times article of 8/6/2011 linked to in last week's blog:  the author Amy Wallace writes "But guitars take two hands to play — you can’t be fiddling with knobs during a solo. So Mr. Casher says he asked Mr. Plunkett whether the knob could be put into a pedal instead. In at least one interview, however, Mr. Plunkett has said that this was his own idea. (I could not reach Mr. Plunkett for comment.)"

One such interview with Mr. Plunkett is in this documentary  "Cry Baby The Pedal That Rocked The World."  In fact, even though Del Casher is interviewed in this documentary there is no mention from Del that it was his idea to use a pedal for guitar players.    I would imagine that Del would have mentioned it was his idea for the pedal on camera and director deleted Del's pedal comment to avoid contrroversy.   You would think that a controversy would be good for a documentary.   However, this documentary has an executive producer of Jimmy Dunlop.    Dunlop makes the Cry Baby Pedal.   See:   

So Del's reason for an interview in the NY Times is apparently trying to give his side of the story that was most likely edited out of this documentary.  Even though this is an entertaining documentary and I recommend watching it,  this documentary made me want to buy a wah wah pedal which may be partially the purpose of this video.  I also found it rather odd that the NY Times author didn't mention the video in her column.

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